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Traveling Tips – Getting Around in London

If you are visiting London, and you have plenty of time, we suggest you to try walking on foot as much as you can. Why, you may ask? Well, aside from the fact that it’s good for your health, this European metropolis has so much history to offer you: each district is famous worldwide for a building, an artist, a kind of culture, a shop and every street corner hides an ancient monument.

It’s quite hard to get lost on the streets of the British metropolis, as they are organized by the Roman system (squared). So you don’t have to worry about that!

If you decide that walking by foot doesn’t suit you at all, suffice it to say that London has one of the best transportation systems in the world, enabling hundreds of combinations routes between the following means of transportation: subway, bus, boat, Airport Express, and tram.

As maybe you already know, London Underground (The tube) is one of the most representative symbols of London, and not only looks pretty awesome, but it is also very well organized. Having so many stations, you might initially feel that you will get lost, but if you detach yourself, for example, from Bucharest’s subway system, you will realize that the London’s subway system works perfectly logical: it’s based on the cardinal points: (Norhbound, Southbound, Eastbound, Westbound).

On the Transport for London website, you can find all the subway maps you need. Just as well, you can request one, for free, from the counter that sells tickets. Here, you can also discover an interactive map that highlights the connections of the subway’s routes with the bus’ ones. At the same time, the site offers valuable information about closed lines and delays. Finally, Transport for London also features information about ticket prices.

TIP: if you are traveling during peak hours (peak time), you will pay more. Usually, rush hours are between 04.30-09.30 and 16.00-19.00, Monday to Friday. Off-peak (i.e. when it’s cheaper) means 09.30-16.00, 19.00-04.30 on weekdays and all weekend (Saturday 04.30 – Monday 04.29).

Of course, the Taxi is the best means of transportation – it’s convenient and allows you to see the city in its entire splendor. However, it is quite expensive.  But still, if you decide to travel by taxi, be advised to take only one of the Licensed London Taxis, that means the black cabs.

In London, the taxi services are pretty well organized, If you choose a licensed taxi, you will not encounter any problems, you just have to be careful in what car you‘ll get into. Those without authorization will bypass dozens of streets until you reach your destination, just to squeeze (take) more money from you.

The safest option is to call a taxi company recommended by your friends and book a taxi or minicab.  If don’t have time to call a minicab company, you can at least look after the taxi’s authorization (“PCO License disc” – on its windows or its doors).

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