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Q: How do I contact website vendor?

Answer: You may contact the vendor by using the contact form from the Contact page.

Q: Are you a licensed Private Hire Operator?

Answer: A: Yes, we are fully licensed by the Public Carriage Office which is the division of the Mayor?s Office that governs the Private Hire industry in London.

Q: Are your Drivers and Vehicles fully Insured?

Answer: A: YES, all Drivers and Vehicles are fully insured and regulated by the Public Carriage Office.

Q: Are children classed as passengers?

Answer: A: YES, as for insurances purposes a child is classed as one (1) passenger.

Answer: A: At 247 Stansted Airport Transfer, all our drivers are registered with the Public Carriage Office and therefore are legal mini-cab drivers. Each driver has undergone an application process to view their suitability of carrying out such work on a day-to-day basis. Please be assured that all our drivers have been issued with a personal identity number which can be checked and verified on the Public Carriage Office website for legitimacy.

Q. Are your prices quoted in Euros or Pounds?

Answer: A. All prices are quoted in UK pounds, because of the fluctuations in the currency markets it would be impossible to quote tariffs in all currencies.

Q: How many people are allowed to travel in a saloon Vehicle?

Answer: A: Saloon Vehicle = 5 (including Driver).

Q: What will happen if our flight gets delayed?

Answer: A: We monitor all incoming flights. So it does not matter how delayed your flight is, or how early it is, there will be a driver waiting for you at no extra cost.

Q: On my last visit to London I was overcharged by the taxi driver due to being stuck in a traffic jam, how are your prices set?

Answer: A: 247 Airport Transfer prices are set from the outset by contacting the office. All prices are quoted before the journey and are FIXED (except tips and tolls).

Q. I have heard the M25 motorway around London is like a car park, how does this effect my journey?

Answer: A. We do everything in our powers to avoid traffic but sometimes we get effected. All vehicles have sat nav systems that check live traffic data on route.

Q. I travel to London in the congestion zone, will I be charged extra?

Answer: A. Our prices include any charges. Remember Congestion Charging is only in operation from 07.00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday.

Q. How long before my flight should I be at the terminal?

Answer: A. For most flights you should aim to be at the terminal 2/3 hours before your scheduled flight time.

Q. Where will my driver be waiting for me in the airport terminal?

Answer: A. Your driver will be waiting for you near to the airport information desk in the arrivals hall with an airport board with your name on.

Q. What do I do if I cannot locate my driver?

Answer: A. Please call the office immediately, do not leave the arrivals hall and we will try and locate your driver.

Q. What if I only have hand luggage?

Answer: A. Please inform us before departure, on your return we will be in arrivals 15 minutes after your plane has landed.

Q: How do I pay for my journey?

Answer: A: You can either pay cash or you may contact 247 Airport Transfer yourself and pay by debit or credit card before your journey. (see terms and conditions for payments)

Q. Do you cater for weddings?

Answer: A. We have cars suitable for weddings. We also provide additional cars for guests if required.

Q. What if my question is not covered here?

Answer: A. You can E mail us with your question and we will try our best to answer your query.


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