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Taxi Transfer from Stansted Airport to Comfort Inn Victoria

Stansted Transfer to Comfort Inn Victoria

Taxi Transfer from Stansted AirportAre you a passenger that wants to come to London in the near future? Then you are definitely in search of accessible plane tickets and also great accommodations that will ease your transit into the British life style. One of the best options when it comes to airports would be Stansted. Although it is not the busiest one in the United Kingdom, it provides the services of low cost airline companies that are hunted by travellers all over the world. You might think that it is too far from Central London, but, as you can notice at the end of this article, there are several available private or public means of transport, suitable for each type of pocket and taste.

Now that you have established an airport and a type of transfer according to the number of passengers, pieces of luggage and pounds (in your travel budget), make sure to browse thoroughly for a good hotel, meaning that it has to be accessible when it comes to price and location. The closer you live to the best touristic objectives or to nearby train, Tube or coach stations, the better are the chances to enjoy a relaxing holiday and to be able to visit everything that you planned and even some unexpected venues.

247 Stansted Airport Transfer warmly recommends you to book at Comfort Inn Victoria, especially if you are travelling with children, as this is a non-smoking accommodation. The Georgian architecture and the interior design will definitely wrap your holiday in style and the management adds new facilities each year, as they care about beauty and efficient decors as well. If you enter their official website, you will also be surprised with two separate pages that recommend you current events in London and also the main touristic attractions, with the entry schedule and locations, thus slowly initiating you in the most popular areas in London.

Rail Transport from Stansted Airport to Comfort Inn Victoria:

In order to get a Stansted to Comfort Inn Victoria Transfer by rail, you could take the train from Stansted Airport (every 15 minutes) and then the Tube from Tottenham Hale Underground (every 5 minutes). This journey might take about 54 minutes. A second option would be to take the bus from London Stansted (every 60 minutes). This whole journey will last about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Road Transport from Stansted Airport to Comfort Inn Victoria:

A Stansted to Comfort Inn Victoria Transfer by car can be done by taking the M11 motorway. Stansted Airport is at a 40.4 miles distance from Comfort Inn Victoria. This journey will take about 58 minutes, without including traffic.

Taxi from Stansted Airport to Comfort Inn Victoria:

A Stansted to Comfort Inn Victoria Taxi Transfer with 247 Airport Transfer is going to take about 1 hour and 32 minutes, including rush hour traffic. The price for a Stansted to Comfort Inn Victoria Taxi starts from 59 GBP.


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