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The British Cuisine

The British CuisineThe British cuisine includes dishes less demanding, but made ​​with local ingredients of quality, seasoned with simple sauces to accentuate flavor. However, cultural diversity of the immigrants that settled there has imposed in the culinary influence, so that traditional food is considered unofficial Indian chicken tikka masala. Some traditional British dishes that you have to try are:

–          Fish & chips – the most popular meal in the UK

–          Sunday roast

–          Steak & kidney pie

–          Bangers & mash – sausages and mashed fries

Modern British cuisine is also based on traditional recipes but with modern innovations such as Slow Food and tailored to ethnic influences in the UK.

Some Anglo-Indian cuisine combines in a harmonious way the traditional British dishes such as the famous steak swith Indian herbs and also curry, rice, vegetables. Other ingredients that are used are coconut, yogurt and almonds.

A few Anglo-Indian dishes well known are kedgeree (fish flakes, cooked rice parsley, boiled eggs, curry, butter, cream and even raisins) mulligatawny or meatballs, soup with spices.

The British people prefer to eat for dessert pudding fruit jelly or pies with berries, apples, rhubarb, raspberries and plums. Jam Roly Poly is a pastry with jam and dried fruit raisins, currants. Also, it’s worth trying a few regional dishes such as Cheshire cheese, Yorkshire pudding and Welsh cake.

British Breakfast is very rich, including eggs, bacon, toast, mushrooms and they drink coffee, tea or milk and fruit juice.


The English TeaOne of the most famous restaurants that you have to try is Mr Chow which is the best Chinese restaurant in London. Another option is The Wolseley, located in a former car showroom, waiting for you with a mix of modern European cuisine and classic brasserie-style. Gordon Ramsay is a French restaurant, Dehesa is a Spanish inspired restaurant, a tapas bar where you can just serve vegetarian dishes and Inamo is an oriental fusion restaurant with a vibrant atmosphere and quality service.

The best Italian restaurant is Locanda Locatelli, probably one of the most famous in London, where you can get traditional rustic dishes. Here, you can try the tagliatelle al Ragu di capretto!

J Sheekey is a traditional British restaurant where you can enjoy dishes such as roast lamb marinade, fish fingers and a large assortment of pies.

Haandi is one of the best and luxurious Indian restaurants in London, where you can relish authentic dishes from Punjabi area, Northern India. It is located close to the areas Harrods and Sloane Street.

Duke Cambridge is famous for slow food and organic ingredients.


The most impressive bars in London are considered to be Ministry of Sound, which is a famous brand, a place where the most famous DJs in the world produce compilations. Fabric is one of the oldest pubs in London and it looks like Queen Elizabeth is coming to dance here.

Absolut Icebar London is a truly unique bar made ​​of ice coming from the Torne River in Sweden, where the temperature is kept constant at -5 degrees. Don’t miss Gordon’s, which is probably the oldest wine bar in London.

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