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Stansted Transfer to Westminster (SW1)

Stansted Transfer to Westminster (SW1)

Sansted Transfer to Westminster (SW1)Westminster is a magical area in London, including all the world-renowned landmarks. The beautiful Palace of Westminster with the famous Big Ben is one of them. This impressive building is home for the House of Lords and the House of Commons and sits right in the heart of London. No visit in the British Capital is complete without seeing this one of a kind attraction. The location is so famous that every time someone says “Westminster”, he immediately thinks about the UK Parliament.

The main feature of the Palace of Westminster is the Big Ben or the Elizabeth Tower. It is one of London’s symbols, as you may have seen in the majority of the pictures depicting the Capital. It is not only a popular tourist attraction, but also an important emblem for the parliamentary democracy. Both the Tower and the Palace have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Grade I buildings.

Other significant features are the Victoria Tower, part of the original design, the Sovereign’s Entrance, the Central Tower and Cromwell Green. The Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben) measures 96 metres in height and it is home for Westminster’s Great Clock, designed by the famous Edward John Dent. The standards of accuracy held by this mechanism are considered to be quite impressive, taking into consideration that it was built in the 19th century. Above the clock there are 5 bells, the largest striking the hours.

You can visit the Houses of Parliament by guided tours that last 75 minutes. They are available from Tuesday to Saturday in the summer and every Saturday in the rest of the year. An adult ticket will cost £15 and a child ticket will be £6. You can get to the Houses of Parliament by taking a London Stansted Taxi that will be almost £50. You can also travel the other way around, by using a taxi to Stansted that will provide comfort, safety and punctuality.

Rail Transport from Stansted Airport to Westminster (SW1):

In order to get rail transport from London Stansted Airport to Westminster (SW1), you need to take the train to Tottenham Hale Underground, another train to Victoria Stn Grosvenor Gdns and the National Rail Service to Westminster. At the same time, you may take a taxi transfer from Stansted Airport, Tottenham Hale Underground or Victoria Stn Grosvenor Gdns to Westminster.

Road Transport from Stansted Airport to Westminster (SW1):

So as to travel by car from Stansted Airport to Westminster (SW1), you have to take the M11 motorway. Stansted Airport is 40.9 miles away from Westminster.

Taxi from Stansted Airport to Westminster (SW1):

A journey by taxi from London Stansted Airport to Westminster (SW1) with 247 Stansted Airport Transfer will last around 1 hour and 15 minutes. The price for a Stansted Taxi begins from £59 for a saloon car.

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